Not packin’ my suitcase


Miss Peabody would rather take a nap than read

my blog.

I’ve given up following the 30 day suitcase challenge but I’m not giving up blogging. I’ve got lots to learn about this blogging stuff and, besides, actually following through on a part of the challenge to blog for 30 days is keeping me motivated. Believe me, that ain’t all bad!

The premise of being able to chuck everything – home, personal possessions, my horses, dogs and cats, just doesn’t float. I could never give up my animals – or the joy we provide by building relationships between our riders and horses. Many of my best memories involve being a part of the thrill when a student, no matter their age, rides for the first time or masters a specific riding skill. Watching them develop a rapport with their mount is priceless. So, I’m gonna’ keep on being a part of Pendragon Farms as long as I can figger’ out how to get up to the barn.

In addition to the kritters and the folks, I got to looking around the house at all the antiques and stuff I’ve inherited from family. How could I part with my dear departed mother-in-laws silverware, serving dishes and tablecloths? The furniture that’s been passed down for at least 3 generations, the hand-crocheted doilies my mom labored over? 

Every time I look at and use that tableware I see the family gathered around dear Mary’s dining room table enjoying roast turkey with all the trimmings and her endless supply of homemade cookies. I don’t want to lose the memories of laughter and happiness or the warm companionship as we carefully hand-washed everything and put it gently away for the next time. A true definition of labor of love.

From my mother, also gone to her rest, I have doilies, dresser scarves and delicate Christmas bells – all intricately crocheted with fine thread and her flashing hook. I have the Christmas village with its little metal people that she arranged every year with exacting care. I remember how thrilled I felt the first year she let me set it up. The village still holds an honored place during our holidays and it’s promised to my youngest daughter when the time comes.

How could I leave all that history behind? I’m this generation’s keeper of the family heritage but it’s only a temporary honor. One day my children, and perhaps my grandchildren, will become the guardians of these symbols of family.


Should you start a new business while you travel?

Seems to me, a person would have to alight in one place for a time to start a new business, even if it’s an online one. I can’t imagine driving cross-country, ignoring the scenery, while I dream up business stuff to post on the Web. Maybe at night, in a hotel or whatever you hang your hat, you can find some quiet time to figure out and start a business. Being more than a little ADD I’d be so busy reading brochures for the next day’s adventure, catching the news, doin’ the laundry, etc., etc., etc. to get any business planning done.

More power to those who can tho!Image

[Day 2] Mindset: Have you got what it takes to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Start a business or convert a business I can take on the road – do I have what it takes? I’ve started several businesses and purchased one of the ones I’m currently running. Mostly I think it takes blind faith to become an entrepreneur but an endless amount of energy, determination, courage, time and organization to stay in business. Most important, it takes total faith in yourself and the ability to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what. Having a support system helps – a partner or a cheering squad, if you will.

Could I take one of my current businesses on the road? In theory, yes. I could sell promotional products, banners and signs from an Internet site or at fairs and events all around the country. 

But, there’s the family who say: “Are you crazy? You can’t just leave us and we sure as heck won’t come along”. Then there’s the albatross of the other business which is consuming me alive but there’s no way to escape.


The mountains await

So, do I have what it takes? It’s a moot question.

Taking the 30-Day Blog Post Challenge

TODAY’s challenge: Write a post on why you started your blog, who you wanted to reach, what you wanted it to be all about. Then state why you joined this blog challenge and what you want to get out of it.

What better way to get motivated than to be challenged! And, what better way to remain honest to a challenge than to put it in writing for friends, family and customers to see. Being a dreamer and believing in impossible things, I’m hoping this challenge will allow me to focus on some truly possible new things in my future and give me a clearer path to follow and the organization and dedication to make some of those dreams come true.

30 day challenge – See more at:

Heading Around the Learning Curve

Funny that this is my first real attempt at a blog considering I’ve been writing for decades – everything from newspaper stories, travel booklets, journaling, advertising copy, emails and long letters to friends to actually getting paid to write the couple of lines of copy on picture postcards.

So, if you’re reading this, be patient with me. I’m hoping I’ll find my way with time and practice and make reading interesting for you.Image