The Road to Hell

is lined with good intentions. Ain’t it the truth.

I promised myself I’d blog every day…so much for the 30 day blog challenge. Life has a habit of getting in the way around here. Miss Suki, who must be kept on a leash while her surgery heals, has been taking me on multiple long daily walks around the farm, supposedly to “do her business” – to no avail. Finally had to make a 40 min. trip  each way to the vet to get her to “go”. At least that was successful. Let’s see if she got the hint to do it here, as well.

Back at the farm, the sign shop work is piling up in ways even one of the horses couldn’t produce! Why is it that things were relatively quiet all summer while I had young Ben to help, and as soon as he heads off for his first year of college, all Hell breaks loose?  Shouldn’t complain, at least Tightwad Signs is making a little money but Mercy!


The horse business, Pendragon Farms, is also taking off like gangbusters! More and more people signing up for lessons. Then there’s always daily horse chores, fences to be mended and lots of mowing. Esther’s off for the week to take her youngest to college and Erika’s running around like a mad person trying to keep things smooth until she gets back. I’m beginning to think my life’s motto should be “Never a dull moment!”

Oh, yeah, then there’s this doctor thing. Been dealing with nasty sharp pain in my spine at the back of my head. Reg. Dr. says arthritis. Physical therapy for 6 weeks or so. No response. MRI & off to the specialist – arthritis & maybe a pinched nerve. Today it’s off to Pain Management for a pain shot in my spine. Now, that’s a very scary idea! But willing if it will get me functional again. Either way, more time lost!

BAH! Who ever said these were the “Golden Years” was lying through their teeth! Tomorrow will be my 68th birthday and there’s no gold in sight!

No, that’s not true. I have the best gold their is – my husband and three kids! They are worth a little pain in the neck.

The fellow in the pic, taken in the adjoining field, thinks he’s waiting for my demise but I’m not quite ready to lie down yet!


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