The road to perdition…

I didn’t get a blog written yesterday. I’m sore ashamed! Will try not to let that happen again – bad form to break promises to oneself!

I said in my last post that I’d tell you all about what my average day is really like but the more I think about it, the more boring it sounds. So, I’m gonna’ renege on that promise as well.

Instead I think I’ll tell you about the latest sign shop projects we have completed and those in the near future. Did I tell you I run a sign shop? Yep, Tightwad Signs & Graphics – jacks of all trades, masters of only a few.

Our latest project was the branding of a college safety truck and we finished that this afternoon. The whole thing is in printed fluorescent vinyl and proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated. But, that seems to be how it goes in sign shop land anyway. Bending fragile vinyl around compound curves, making stripes meet on all sides of the truck, etc., etc. Still it was interesting work and educational as well. Gotta thank youngest daughter as she did most of the work and for sure the hardest parts. I’ll have to get a picture of it when we take it out of the barn tomorrow morning.

For varieties’ sake, we have to order the letters for two custom signs for a doctor’s office and install them on the brick building when they arrive. Have two groups of letters to take down from the same building, one of which goes back up on an adjoining building. Those will be l-o-n-g days as each letter requires drilling 2-3 holes in the brick grout to glue studs in. Taking the old lettering down could be a challenge, too, because we aren’t sure how one of the signs was put up. Hacksaw city?

Not all the jobs are hard, though. Did a bunch of cute personalized stickers for a dance school over the weekend, a couple of wall signs, some door stickers and some doggy bone shaped decals for a gal who makes homemade dog treats.

I think my favorite job this week was creating a wall sign that my customer is going to present to her husband. It says: “Two things dearest in life, The tools of the trade and the dearest little wife. Please don’t ask to borrow my tools, And I won’t ask to borrow your wife.” I found some really cute silhouette ladies to perch on a couple of the letters, some tool clipart to manipulate and add and created a shaded border. Turned out pretty cool. It’s always fun to get jobs where I can use my imagination and design skills.

Now I’ve got to get busy doing the invoicing, a job I don’t relish, but the silver lining is there’s money coming in and you can’t knock that.

The pic below is youngest at one of the recent not-so-fun jobs. 30′ or more in the air with the wind rocking the sign back and forth. Never a dull moment in the sign business.





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