[Day 2] Mindset: Have you got what it takes to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur?

Start a business or convert a business I can take on the road – do I have what it takes? I’ve started several businesses and purchased one of the ones I’m currently running. Mostly I think it takes blind faith to become an entrepreneur but an endless amount of energy, determination, courage, time and organization to stay in business. Most important, it takes total faith in yourself and the ability to pick yourself up and keep going no matter what. Having a support system helps – a partner or a cheering squad, if you will.

Could I take one of my current businesses on the road? In theory, yes. I could sell promotional products, banners and signs from an Internet site or at fairs and events all around the country. 

But, there’s the family who say: “Are you crazy? You can’t just leave us and we sure as heck won’t come along”. Then there’s the albatross of the other business which is consuming me alive but there’s no way to escape.


The mountains await

So, do I have what it takes? It’s a moot question.


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